With the movie “Finding Nemo”, the clownfish leaped to instant fame. Cute, colorful and with a distinctive personality, they are hard to miss on the coral reef. Believe it or not, there are actually thirty different species of clownfish including the “false clown anemonefish”, the species that our friend Nemo belongs to. Clownfish are a type of damselfish and are also referred to as anemonefish, due to the fact that they live in anemones.

However, in the last few years since Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” aired, clownfish populations declined by as much as 75 percent in some areas, with people opting to capture these fish and putting them in aquariums at home. This handknitted version is a way for you to have your own clownfish, while leaving the actual fish alive in the wild, making sure that finding Nemo will no become impossible tomorrow.

Each baby Clownfish measures approximately 7 inches long.  Do remember, that each hand knit item is unique and sizes may vary slightly.   
Hand knit with love by a mama who also plants rice in the rice terraces (take a look at the P20 bill to see what they look like).

Knitting Expedition was begun as a way to provide supplementary income for the women of Ifugao to maintain the rice terraces.  Instead of leaving the region to find better paying jobs, the income from the sales of the products allows them to stay and tend to the rice terraces that are not only an awe-inspiring legacy of their town but also of the Philippines and which has provided sustenance for generations of their families.  The brand Knitting Expedition also signifies the journey of founders, Candy and Aueeie, as knitters and the distance that the hand-knit products have to travel to make it to your homes.


*pattern by Amanda Berry

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