Presley Hand Knit Monster


Presley is the coolest monster in the playground.  He loves to swing from the monkey bars, frolic in the sandbox and go up and down the seesaw.  When he falls down, he gets right back up without a whimper and continues playing.  His friends love his fearlessness and follow him wherever he goes.  The best part about all that playground fun?  The snacks that follow after!

Hand knit with love by a mama who also plants rice in the rice terraces (take a look at the P20 bill to see what they look like).
Each monster is packed in a canvas bag with a tag and a note about each monster’s personality— ready for gifting!

Presley is available in:

  • Mint blue with light grey stripes
  • Light yellow with mint blue stripes
  • Pink with light grey stripes 

Knitting Expedition was begun as a way to provide supplementary income for the women of Ifugao to maintain the rice terraces.  Instead of leaving the region to find better paying jobs, they are supported by the income from the sales of the products.  This allows them to stay and tend to the rice terraces that are not only an awe-inspiring legacy of their town but also of the Philippines and which has provided sustenance for generations of their families.  The brand Knitting Expedition also signifies the journey of founders, Candy and Aueeie, as knitters and the distance that the hand-knit products have to travel to make it to your homes. 

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